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831 Heating, Inc.

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We service areas from South Monterey County all the way to the South Bay Area. We are 831 Heating but we service 408 and others.


P.O.Box 9212 Salinas, CA 93915

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831-449-HVAC (4822)

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Thank you for considering 831 Heating, Inc to work for you. The last thing any customer needs is for a contractor to put on a dog and pony show to distract them from the task at hand. As a customer, you have a job that needs to get done and like everything else in life, cost is always a factor. For this reason we offer free estimates on standard installations. We are a competitive contractor and encourage you to submit any quotes you may have from competitors, this is capitalism at its finest. Give us an opportunity to meet or beat your current quotes. You may submit your request for a quote via this short questionnaire or for submission of photographs or documents, please do so at